Montclair, NJ

2 04 2007

Basic town overview: “Montclair is a community of about 39, 000 inhabitants. Never content to be merely a “bedroom community,” Montclair is nevertheless a family-centered town. Its heritage in education has been enhanced by its innovative public and private school educational programs and the expanded offerings at Montclair State University. Once again our hillside has become a haven for artists and writers. This is a seasoned community whose many old houses enhance its charm, yet at the dawn of a new century, Montclair remains alive to the spirit of the times” from Montclair Website.

For a more spirited view of current events and happenings in Montclair (as well as Glen Ridge and Bloomfield) visit BaristaNet. Please feel free to comment on the town and its history to give newer residents an overall perspective.

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Fee Activities

2 04 2007

What are some of your favorite fee-based activities in the to do with your pre-schooler and grade-schooler in the Montclair Area?

Free Activities

2 04 2007

What are your favorite free activities to do with your children in the Montclair Area? Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Indoor and Out. Playgrounds, Hikes and Places to go (short or long trips).

Restaurants and Shops

2 04 2007

The Montclair Area is full of restaurant and shops, what are some of the most friendly to children and families, especially for pre-schoolers and grade-schoolers and why?

Schools and Education

2 04 2007

What pre-school or grade-school does your child attend and what are some of the things that you like about it?

Hidden Treasures

2 04 2007

The Montclair Area is full of hidden treasures what are some of your favorite places to go and activities to do that most of us do not know about? That is, if you want to share!


2 04 2007

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